Why Should You Have Your Own Professional Photographer

The 3 Reasons You Should Have Your Own Professional Photographer

Milestones, Memories & Your Museum. 

There are so many milestones in an individual’s life! Your first car, graduating high school, meeting the love of your life, the list is endless! But which ones do you hire a photographer for? Our answer: as many as possible! It may seem excessive at first, but anytime you come across a big, life-changing moment that will never happen again, celebrate it well! 

With every milestone, there is an image that will stay in your mind forever and hold that memory. A sweet reminder of the life you’ve lived and your most meaningful experiences. As time passes, however, our mind’s eye inevitably gets foggy and our hindsight begins to blur. What if you could hold on to your most precious moments with crystal clarity? I know, you’ve got an iPhone 11 Pro Max with three separate cameras that give you a great picture, right? That’s great for the fleeting moments that MAYBE you’ll print out six months later and put in a small frame. If you want to truly remember major life changes and celebrations with your feelings of joy, excitement, love, passion, whatever, completely crystalized: hire a professional! 

If you like lists, here you go: three reasons you should hire a professional photographer more often than you do.

You’ve got SO many milestones worth celebrating!

There are so many milestones after your wedding day but chances are, you’ll stop hiring a professional photographer to capture them. Why?! Why should every event post-marriage get the phone camera? Girl, when you have big things to celebrate, celebrate them big!!  

I know this is not an absolute timeline of YOUR life, but fill in the blanks with your own celebrations! Did you beat cancer? Did you get your own TV show? Did you take down an elaborate drug ring? Whatever it is, go get yourself a celebratory photo session and have that pride and joy documented forever!

Capture what and WHO you’ll be grateful for later

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You truly don’t realize the value of a photograph until it’s all you have left. We’ve had multiple clients who have lost a loved one after having their family professionally photographed. You learn to cherish the power of a great photograph. We know that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, so we should celebrate the ones we love today. We should capture who they honestly are with quality workmanship, because their memory deserves it. Be grateful for them now and you’ll be grateful for it later.

Build YOUR museum with the artwork of your life

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Your home is a lovingly and carefully curated museum of your family’s heart and history. If curated well, it gives the best and clearest impression to others of what (and who) you value. Without even needing to think about it, you’ll fill it with the things you want to be surrounded by. What’s more important to you than the people you love?  Your home will be filled with memories kept warm long after they’ve happened.

So there it is: Celebrate your milestones, make your memories into artwork, and build your museum with those memories and milestones.