Colorado Rockies Proposal & Engagement Session

Usually when we do an engagement session, the couple is already engaged! That wasn’t the case for these sweethearts! Trish and Matt’s Colorado engagement session actually began as just a regular couples photo session. Matt wanted to give his girlfriend, Trish, the gift of some stunning photos of them to decorate her home with. There was just one more gift tucked away in the plans: a diamond ring!

Matt told us that Trish is a bit of a surprise expert, “She always pulls them off, but I’m never able to get her! She always figures it out!” 

Matt adores Trish and her passion for living life. She brings him so much happiness and he wants that forever! We spoke to him months before this surprise engagement session, and he told us what he loves most about Trish! Along with so many other things, he deeply appreciates her attentiveness, “She listens so well, and she pays attention. She remembers the names of all of my coworkers and she cares about the things I’m interested in. She just puts a lot of work into our relationship because she cares so much and I love that.” 

While still under the guise of a couple’s photo session, we had a discovery call with Trish and learned about what she loves about Matt. Trish told us that he is the most encouraging person she’s ever met! He believes in her, invests in her and simply takes great care of her heart. Whether he’s writing her love notes or just goofing off with her, she feels his love daily! She said they’re helping each other become their best selves. 

The Proposal

Naturally, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be part of this life changing experience! Bryson hopped on a plane and soon enough, Trish and Matt were being their adorable selves with the epic scenery of the Rocky Mountains behind them! It’s not hard to guess that Matt’s heart was pounding with every photo leading up to the pinnacle moment! Finally, in the middle of the breathtaking Rockies, he dropped to one knee and asked the beautiful Trish to become his wife!

Would you just look at them!!! He is BEAMING with pride in her, she is gushing with excitement! Both of their hearts are overflowing with joy! What a gift it was for us to be able to capture this authentic moment!  We know the photos from this Colorado engagement session will grace the walls of their home and help tell the story of their love for years to come.

Congratulations to the future Mr. & Mrs. Bell, celebrate everyday from here on!

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