Kiawah Island Engagement Session

A few weeks ago, our team packed our bags and headed out on an impromptu trip to the beautiful island of Kiawah, off the coast of Charleston, SC. Knowing how stunning the island is, Bryson reached out to the six-months engaged Laura Little and Jack Sock to see if they’d be willing to come down and do the Adventure Session we were already excitedly planning. As luck would have it, they had literally JUST decided they were going to come to Kiawah for a spontaneous, romantic getaway together! In this perfectly serendipitous turn of events, we just HAD to take advantage of the proximity of the lovebirds as soon as possible. We didn’t waste a second as we quickly set up an evening photo and video shoot with them!

 We set out at the idyllic golden hour to explore the Kiawah island scenery and, good gracious, how the sparks were flying! There’s zero question about the devoted affection between the former beauty queen and pro-tennis player. With every flickering glance or intimate touch, we could see how absolutely electrified they are by each other. The moments we captured fell somewhere between a Nicholas Sparks book cover and a JMR song (don’t be scared to throw a little Marvin Gaye in there!). Can you say vibes? We’d say forever looks pretty sweet on these two.

 It was easy to do our thing with the dramatic backdrops of Spanish moss, flowering fields, rolling green hills and sunset beaches at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Needless to say, our immaculate friends stole the spotlight with their insane chemistry! It was a flawless Charleston night for a classic pair.

To watch their striking chemistry check out the video from this glamorous engagement session!