Intimate Zoom Wedding

Some things are just too exciting to wait for!! We are certainly in some strange times and everybody has had to put plans on hold in response to COVID-19, but Christina and Seth were SO excited to get their life started together that they got creative instead of cancelling. Working quickly to adjust, this pair scaled down their ceremony so that they didn’t have to wait a day longer!

Zoom weddings have become a huge trend this Spring as a result of the Covid social distancing mandates and hundreds of couples have been re-calibrating their 2020 wedding plans to accommodate. Hey, it’s a perfect time of year to make the switch to outdoor weddings! We’ve seen quick switches to backyard weddings, Zoom weddings, micro-weddings, elopements and destination weddings. Christina and Seth decided, like many others, that what mattered most to them was not the grandeur of the day, rather the authentic celebration of their lifetime commitment. With only their closest relatives present for the intimate event, the now Mr. and Mrs. Starner let their love take the spotlight! Social distancing restrictions didn’t make much of a difference as they used Zoom to include the friends and loved ones from around the globe.

Plans may have changed, but plans change all the time! What didn’t change was that the spontaneous personality and lively spirit that Seth fell in love with was absolutely radiating in Christina’s beautiful smile. In every glance and giggle we could clearly see how much she adores him right back! So who cares about covid?!! They’ve definitely got a great story to tell the grand kids someday! With a simple switch to a zoom wedding, these two beautiful souls got their happily ever after and we couldn’t be more excited for them.

Sometimes things don’t turn out as perfectly as we plan them…sometimes they’re better.

Photography & Videography | Moving Mountains Studios

Wedding Planner | Nicole from Above and Beyond Event Planning

Hair & Makeup | Mirror Bomb Studio