What you have is special - many people spend a lifetime searching for a bond that you two already have. Your love is a masterpiece and deserves to be genuinely celebrated! Your wedding day is the first step in your legacy as you build your life together. It's a memory to hold onto for  generations to come.

We want to help you access every beautiful moment of your wedding day with the intention it deserves. Every feeling that rushed through you when you saw the love of your life at the end of the aisle, the love in your father’s eyes when he gave you away, the warmth and comfort of your mother’s embrace. These are memories you’ll want to keep close and cherish forever. This is how your wedding should be remembered.


"their team really takes the time to connect with their Families."

"The entire Moving Mountains team is amazing. One of the things that really stood out for us is connection and their team really takes the time to connect with their clients and understand what's most important to them. Their work really captures the emotion and feelings of the moment, leading to beautiful images that truly take you back in time.

"Our photographer was awesome to work with, from getting to know my husband and I before the wedding, to really getting into the mix of things to capture the true spirit of the day. He was such a pro at working with kids and really put everyone at ease. It felt like having a good friend at the wedding. And the photos are absolutely stunning. We're so happy with them and how well he captured the essence of our family. Can't wait for our next opportunity to work with the Moving Mountains crew!"

- Amelia

"They are pros at making even the most camera-shy people feel at ease."

"My husband and I met Moving Mountains shortly after our engagement and hiring them was the easiest decision we made while planning our wedding. This team is TALENTED. They did an engagement shoot for us as well as full-day coverage for our wedding and exceeded our expectations in every way possible.

"They are pros at making even the most camera-shy people feel completely at ease (not to mention - they will do anything to get the perfect shot). We had seen their work prior to our wedding and knew they were something special, but nothing compares to the feeling we had when watching a slideshow of our own wedding photos for the first time. They captured our love in the most beautiful and authentic way possible."

- Hannah

"20/10 would recommend
Moving Mountains."

"Not only do they capture 'the moment' they capture your personality, the vibe of the event, and everything in between. The Moving Mountains team is a team of artists and they go above and beyond for their clients. At our wedding, many guests commented that the photographers and videographers were awesome!

"They seemed like guests at the wedding and blended in while getting amazing footage. Bryson and Joshaun as our lead photographer and videographer helped us feel comfortable and excited the whole day. Their energy was everything! I cannot thank this team enough for capturing the best day of our lives and look forward to working with them again for more of life's big moments!"

- Krista

We have two levels of shooters at Moving Mountains Studios that allow you to choose how much you want to invest in your experience.

Meet Your Creatives

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Elite Creatives

Our Elite Level shooters represent the best in wedding photography and filmmaking. With years of experience and a collection of awards, they bring unmatched professionalism and creativity to every project.

When you choose our Elite Level shooters, you are choosing a luxury experience where your love story is told through breathtaking imagery and film that will be cherished for generations. 

Elite Photography Collections start at $4300.

Pro Creatives

Our Pro Level shooters are an exceptional group of photographers and filmmakers, bringing a blend of talent and fresh perspectives to capture your special moments. While they may have slightly less experience than our Elite Level shooters, their skill and creativity are outstanding.

Choosing our Pro Level shooters means receiving high-quality imagery and films that tell your love story with warmth and authenticity. Enjoy a remarkable photography and filmmaking experience with our talented Pro Level team, dedicated to making your memories special.

Pro Photography Collections start at $2900.

You've waited so long, and it's here! It's the day we have all been waiting for, and your only job is to enjoy it. We know how much energy you have put into planning your wedding, so our job to make sure we capture every single moment.

All we need you to do is relax and trust us - so soak in all the emotions, enjoy your family and friends, and leave it all out there on the dance floor!

4. The Wedding Day

You only get this season one time in your entire life, so let's enjoy it! By this time, we have paired you with the photographer on our team who is the best fit, so have some fun!

This is a chance to get to know your photographer and learn more about your partnership. So relax, and enjoy the time we spend capturing the love between you and your partner.

3. Engagement Session

It's time to meet the team! During this portion of your wedding journey, we will help guide you through the first purchase of your wedding photography experience.

Weddings can be an overwhelming time, but you deserve to enjoy this journey. With us, you can sit back, relax, and know that one of our uniquely qualified team members is going to help make this an easy and exciting experience.

2. Consultation

This is where the fun begins! During your discovery call, we'll discover why you want to spend the rest of your life with this incredible person who you'd do anything for. It's also where you'll discover every product and service we have to offer for your special day so you can finally start imagining what memories you'll bring home from your wedding day. We have uniquely designed our business to accommodate a range of needs. Make sure to write down any questions or concerns - this is your once-in-a-lifetime experience and we want to make sure everything is perfect.

1. Schedule A Call

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