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We will always be more than just your wedding photographers because we care about your experience, beginning to end! We value your relationships and believe in creating artwork of your most cherished moments.

Reconnecting People to What matters most

Moving Mountains exists to enrich the relationships between you and your loved ones. What started as one photographer’s dream to be the best wedding and portrait photographer has evolved to be the mission of a team to change the lives of everyone they photograph and film. It is our desire that everyone leave their sessions feeling deeper connected to their loved ones.

We know that life is crazy and it’s hard to slow down. The reality is life is too short not to slow down and soak up the small moments that one day we'll look back and say, “those were the days”. We rob ourselves of the joy that comes from taking a breath and realizing that we have so much in life to celebrate. Moving Mountains is your opportunity to get those fleeting moments back and be reminded of the importance of sharing with each other what you’re grateful for. It’s time to live life in the present!

You Are Why We Are Here



Meet The Owners

What’s up?!
I am Bryson, the Founder of Moving Mountains.
I have a love for creativity, innovation and people. When I saw that photography and filmmaking could blend all 3, I was inspired to build a company that could change this industry. What I’ve learned is that nothing is as easy as it seems. Life is hard, staying connected and in a relationship with people takes hard work and effort. What we look forward to accomplishing is to help reconnect families and couples to their relationships through remembering the cherished moments. It’s not the pretty pictures, it’s about the people and we want our art to display that. We cannot lose sight of people as the inspiration, if we do - what are we even doing?
Our focus is on people more than the art.
Fact about me: You will often find me dancing, using different accents - anything to put a smile on someone’s face!

Sales Director


Hey guys!
I am Erica Nisi, Moving Mountain's Sales Director. I have learned that Moving Mountains is about being a part of a big family. We believe in building community and supporting each other in every aspect of our lives. When you love what you do, work isn’t work! Our jobs are more than just creating artwork & films, but curating relationships and celebrating people through our art/talent.
Fact about me: I love a good vampire movie/series and re-watch the twilight saga regularly, it’s my happy place.

We have two levels of shooters at Moving Mountains Studios that allow you to choose how much you want to invest in your experience.

Meet Your Creatives

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Elite Creatives

Our Elite Level shooters represent the best in wedding photography and filmmaking. With years of experience and a collection of awards, they bring unmatched professionalism and creativity to every project.

When you choose our Elite Level shooters, you are choosing a luxury experience where your love story is told through breathtaking imagery and film that will be cherished for generations. 

Elite Collections start at $3900, depending if you want photo or film.

Pro Creatives

Our Pro Level shooters are an exceptional group of photographers and filmmakers, bringing a blend of talent and fresh perspectives to capture your special moments. While they may have slightly less experience than our Elite Level shooters, their skill and creativity are outstanding.

Choosing our Pro Level shooters means receiving high-quality imagery and films that tell your love story with warmth and authenticity. Enjoy a remarkable photography and filmmaking experience with our talented Pro Level team, dedicated to making your memories special.

Pro Collections start at $2900, depending if you want photo or film.

Investing in capturing moments that shape a lasting legacy is a powerful choice, creating enduring connections beyond immediate celebrations. Documenting significant experiences strengthens bonds, contributing to a timeless narrative that connects people to what truly matters. This preservation of memories allows us to cherish the present and establish lasting relationships through shared experiences.

Connecting people to what matters most