Military Wedding at The Brawley Estate

Zachary probably wasn’t expecting to meet the love of his life at Friendsgiving that year.  When Audrey showed up, with her blue eyes, radiant smile and a fascinating mind, he couldn’t help but talk the night away with her. He knew she was one of a kind! Neither of them could’ve imagined then, the perfect September day they’d get married at The Brawley Estate. At the time, there was a small, but significant, hindrance to this newly established romantic connection: he was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and she was in nursing school in Maryland. 

Still, Audrey must’ve made quite the impression on Zachary because he drove all the way to Maryland for their first date! His dedication to their relationship has been proven time and time again. In fact, it’s something Audrey told us she truly loves about him: he is undoubtedly devoted.

Long before this gorgeous estate wedding, we did their Forever Session back in December. Y’all, it was ADORABLE how absolutely smitten they are with each other! They work hard to make each other remains high priority in their lives and you can easily tell just by looking at them!

It’s easy to build a home together when Together is Home

“He is honest and caring and just so kind,” Audrey told us, “And I love how much he makes me laugh!” Zachary echoed her sentiments, telling us he was so excited to get to start a life with his best friend. They eventually want a farm and a family, but right now, they’re just glad to finally be together! It’s easy to build a home together when together is home.

Audrey and Zachary both adore their families, but Audrey has a particularly special bond with her mother, Lee. Mrs. Lee Zywiolek has been gracefully living with Multiple Sclerosis for years and set one personal goal for her daughter’s wedding. She told Audrey that what she really wanted was to share a dance with her husband. It’s painful and difficult for Lee to stand, so she practiced for months. We were honored to be there when Mr. and Mrs. Zywiolek took the floor to hold each other close and sway. 

Audrey and Zachary have been through so much together already. Time and distance will test your relationship like nothing else can. After all of the phone calls, long drives, and longer days apart, they are finally Mr. & Mrs. Duncan! One perfect Brawley estate wedding later, Audrey and Zachary just come home to each other’s arms! As they move forward in their lives together they’ll always remember what it was worth.

Vendor Love

Wedding Planner | David Klingel

Hair & Makeup | Courtney Hughes at The Makeup Team

Wedding Dress | Carolina Bridal World

Florist | Willow Branch Arrangements & Designs

DJ | C’leb Entertainment

Wedding Cake | The Icing & the Cake