Cairo Foodie Couple & Our Trip to Egypt

We recently traveled to Cairo, Egypt to visit a dear friend and we ended up connecting with the Cairo Foodie Couple! Shahan and Melisse Terzibashian are living every foodie’s dream! They share a passion for food, travel and living life with copious amounts of spice, and we totally love it! With every culinary adventure, they share a little more flavor of Egypt and their own beautiful life together. Naturally, we were honored and inspired as we got to know them!

Shahan and Melisse have a TV show called Cairo Foodie Couple which documents their culinary escapades along with their inspiring relationship. It runs on Fatafeet, a popular TV food network in Egypt! It all started with their blog, Cairo Foodie Couple. They post their favorite recipes, their travels around the world, and absolutely precious photos of their baby girl! Their new front-page post is A Closer Look at the Terzibashians featuring photos from Moving Mountains!

We learned so much during our trip to Egypt, but one thing that really stood out to us was the cultural emphasis on family and community. We learned that some families own entire apartment buildings in which all the relatives live. The families, within the family, live in separate apartments but they all keep close! This way, they can all be there for each other at any time. Whether it’s to celebrate or to help each other out in tough times, family is never more than a few doors down. What a beautiful thing!

Shahan and Melisse certainly love each other well! They are pursuing what they love while also being incredible parents! We’re so glad we had this opportunity to work with such incredible people! It was almost too easy to and capture their sizzling chemistry. Boy, do they know how to stun!

Thank you Cairo Foodie Couple for letting us in on a little bit of your wild and beautiful life!

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