Intimate Chicago Micro Wedding

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We’d like to say we don’t play favorites, but…Michele and Jeff have to be one of our all time favorite couples! Ever since our Adventure Session at the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, we have been looking forward their wedding day! None of us knew 2020 was going to look like this, but Michele and Jeff simply said, “Who cares?”! Hence a beautiful micro wedding was planned!

They’ve been best friends for years! They’ve loved and supported each other as they pursued their individual ambitions and goals. On September 28, they finally made their power-couple status official in an intimate, Covid-safe, micro wedding in the beautiful city of Chicago! 

Years of adventures and more to come!

The Battles love to travel and have been so many places together already! Michele and Jeff are always off on their next adventure. They’ve been all around the world and the reach of their ventures expands by the month! Jeff actually proposed to Michele off of the Amalfi Coast *swoon*

As if you needed further proof of their A-game, these two are one of the finest dressed couples we’ve met! From the perfectly styled hair to the literal tips of their Gucci shoes, they are the epitome of uptown luxury. We’ve done multiple photo and video sessions with them now and they’ve never failed to impress!

Michele’s warm and caring heart is proof that her beauty is way beyond skin deep! At her own micro wedding, she continued to be attentive to the needs of the people around her and help out where she could. For both her and her new husband, family is everything to them. Try to stop your heart from melting when you see Michele with her adorable nephew, Wyatt! Even better, check our Jeff with his mother! Golly, it’s so freaking cute!

There are few moments as special as when you’re surrounded by everyone you love. Even more special is when you’re all rejoicing over something that is truly good. We were so honored to get to be a part of Michele and Jeff’s incredible micro wedding moment in the midst of the craziest year ever. Cheers to the beautiful power-couple, and all of your many adventures to come!

Psst! Here’s a little peak at their gorgeous photo session in uptown Chicago!

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