16 Simple & Romantic Date Ideas We Love

One of our all time favorite pieces of relationship advice: don’t ever stop dating each other! Whether you’ve been together one year or fifty, dating is about intentional time spent together, and nothing keeps the fire going like the fresh fuel of new shared memories! There’s no reason to over-complicate this: you’re busy, you need some date ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Recreate your first date!

Same restaurant, same outfits, same everything! Do your best to get it right on point. Did she wear her favorite red dress? Did he wear his lucky socks? Drive separately to the location, and spend the night remembering the sparks that flew the first time around. 

Have a baking competition!

Get messy in the kitchen! With or without recipes- create a challenge for each other. Maybe it’s timed or you have limited ingredients, the possibilities are endless!

Build a blanket fort and watch a movie!

Add some hot cocoa and a few fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and you’re set for a simple and snuggly evening beside your best friend!

Go literally anywhere but make a rule!

Maybe your rule is that you cannot stop touching each other for a minute throughout the date, whoever forgets first has to buy the ice cream!

Go to a new funky restaurant and order for each other!

The goal is to try something new and develop a little bit more of that trust you plan to maintain in your forever together. 

Find a competition to bet on!

This could be tennis, bowling, cards, or your favorite two-player video game, but make some stakes! Even bridge can be exciting if you’ve got something to fight for!

Learn something together!

Pick a topic and go on Youtube, SkillShare, or MasterClass and learn how to do something together. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar or how to draw a face, learn together and then practice with each other!

Write your love story together!

This can be SO much more fun if you each write a version from your point of view. Maybe in her eyes, she was nervous and awkward, but in his story, she was elegant and fierce– you never know what details could be revealed in the story you THINK you know!

Teach each other how to do something unique to you!

Maybe you make your coffee a special way or you always do a creative exercise in the morning. Learn about each other’s idiosyncrasies!

Do a spa day!

Cucumbers, mud masks, foot & hand massages, the whole nine yards! Put on some relaxing music and just chill out together!

Learn a new dance together!

This could be anywhere from professional ballroom dancing lessons to learning tik-tok dances in your living room! The point is to have fun, laugh a lot and hold each other close.

Go to a Drive-In Movie or Make One Yourself!

It’s crazy how much fun it can be to watch a classic you both love while you’re surrounded by different scenery. With a sunset or stars overhead, you’ll end up feeling like you two are IN a movie when you’re cozied up in the car together. If there are no drive-in’s around, set up a projector in the backyard and have a picnic!

Check out this Wednesday night drive-in at the Nascar Speedway in Concord, NC!

Day Trip, Day Trip, Day Trip!!

Beach, mountains, cozy little historical towns– wherever! There are sights to see and if you’ve got a full tank of gas and the love of your life riding shotgun, anywhere can be an adventure!

Have a Wine & Paint Night at Home

This can be super creative or just downright hilarious! If you’re both creative people, this might simply be an enjoyable artistic exercise for you to share! If you’re not creative, hopefully you’ll laugh… a lot. Assuming you’ve ever been to a wine and paint night, you may know the laughter that comes as the wine has its effect on your ‘masterful’ artistry. Imagine the level this fun can jump to if one of YOU plays the role of the clueless instructor!! Whether you watch some Bob Ross or go rogue with your own scheme, there is seriously no way to lose here!!

Take a Trip Around The World

Alright, so this is more like a series of date ideas in one: celebrate different cultures together by exploring three things: cuisine, fashion, and media! Especially during COVID-19, we are all looking for ways to escape the four walls of our homes and one super fun– and even educational– idea is to learn about a culture together! Go to Greece, China, Paris or Egypt by dressing up in the modern fashion, listening to music by artists from that country, eating their food and maybe even watching a movie that’s popular in their culture. Of course, you could even go back in time if you want to! The options are endless and so much fun for the two of you to bond and share interests.

Read A Book Together

Whether it’s poetry, philosophy, or a great novel, immersing yourselves in something deep together is a super powerful thing. Couples who stay grounded in the same things tend to thrive in their relationships because they deeply admire and respect one another. You may not be much of a reader, but try it out! You never know what kind of conversation it will spark!

Keep First Things First

These dates have the specific mission to remind you that the two of you come first in each other’s lives. By going the extra mile to be a little more creative, you can take a stale date idea that you’ve done a hundred times and make it feel like a brand new experience!!