Charlotte Southend Session

This Southend session features one of our favorite people in the Charlotte wedding industry to work with: Crystal Harrell and her beau, Dylan!  Crystal works at Best Impressions Catering as their sales manager for Byron’s Southend and Terrace at Cedar Hill. She’s even worked with us at Samantha and Danny’s wedding at Byron’s Southend wedding venue.

Crystal’s stellar reputation precedes her and we wanted to really make her center-city photos with her man as kick-butt and beautiful as she is!

Crystal and Dylan simply exuded confidence in themselves and each other during this session! We ventured to our favorite picturesque spots of Uptown Charlotte (check out Rhino Market & Deli and Romare Bearden Park) and with the rich cultural backdrops of our artsy city, they told us their love story. We were not at all surprised to learn about how much they mutually appreciate each other’s hearts and character. You can see how safe they feel in each other’s arms!

Dylan and Crystal were both going through difficult times in their lives when they met. Instead of building walls or keeping their distance, they chose to make the effort to be there for one another. It was this solid friendship— based on support, respect and genuine admiration— that blossomed into a flourishing relationship!

Our lives will always be full of highs and lows, that’s nothing new. However, if we’re lucky we just might get a chance at the kind of love that these two have. The kind of love that says, “You’ve had a long day. Welcome home, Love.”