Exquisitely Romantic Asheville Wedding

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There is a beautiful peace that comes into a home where unconditional love resides. This is the kind of love that doesn’t let you hide nor will it let you decide that you’re not good enough. It’s a love that empowers you to become your best self because you know you’ll be safe even when you fail. The love Michelle and Michael share is absolutely this kind of love: unconditional and full of peace. It may sound too good to be true, but on their picturesque wedding day in Asheville, NC, the intense devotion was able to be felt by everyone. 

This exquisitely romantic, mid-October wedding commenced at the Central United Methodist Church in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The historic gem of a church had nothing but breathtaking backdrops to every dramatically elegant moment Michelle and Michael shared with their closest friends and family. They lived their wedding day with emphasis on the most important thing: love. The unconditional love that is shared between them, but also within their family, was palpable. It was so easy to see how deeply they all care for and support one another. 

Where Love is, Peace follows

Michelle told us a few of the reasons she loves and respects Michael so much. He is so patient and kind and he cares for her actively. “Unconditional love doesn’t need to be spoken,” she said, “It sometimes just says, ‘It’s okay, I’m here.’.” She added that, with him, she has an overwhelming peaceful feeling that he’s actually chosen her. He completely accepts who she is. In fact, that is why she chose to have Moving Mountains create artwork for them! She wants to wake up every morning and see the reminder that he chose her! 

And what a story to have continual access to! We’re sure that after this gorgeous and heartwarming wedding, she’s got a new favorite day in the books. Beforehand, however, she told us that her favorite day ever was the day Michael proposed to her. While his proposal was a sweet moment for the two of them, he surprised her directly afterwards with an engagement celebration in Asheville with all of the people she loves! 

Michael adores Michelle’s big heart and he loves how she pushes him to be spontaneous and enjoy his life to the fullest! They create safety for each other in their love and it allows them to become better and better people everyday! Where love is, every other virtue may abound.

Vendor Love

Event Planner | Shay Brown at Shay Brown Events

Hair | Erin Johnston at Cutting Edge Hair Gallery

Makeup | Leah Milan at Leah Milan Makeup

Florist | Kathryn Writesel at Eleventh Hour Designs

Cake | Fanny at the Biltmore Forest Country Club