Tybee Island Micro-Wedding

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.’? It’s insanely cheesy, I know, but nothing was proven more true when Ati and Matt made their promises to have and hold on the stormy Tybee Island off the coast of Savannah, GA.

We all love a good destination wedding, especially an island wedding, but when the sky opens up and pours out another ocean on us, it’s somehow not the same! June 12th was meant to be the day of their bright and breezy outdoor wedding in the warm ocean winds of Tybee. Instead, the Farler’s festivities were taken inside of the charming Beachview Inn for a cozy ceremony with their loved ones. All of this was, of course, smack dab in the middle of the greater storm of COVID.

The truth is, there will always be another reason to wait: the venue you reserved a year ago closed its doors, you’re not finished with school yet, there’s a new career opportunity, the list goes on. These are all legitimate reasons to press pause and get to it later. Right?

Marriage may seem like something to begin only when you’re absolutely “ready” (i.e. things are perfect) and not a second before, but maybe it’s one of the vital life choices that actually makes you ready for the bigger battles you’re inevitably going to face. You’ve got a teammate now! This person has vowed to have your back no matter what. That’s not a hindrance, it’s an empowerment!

 Consider that, while your wedding vision may need to look a little different, the person you chose to spend your life with hasn’t changed. They look the exact same as they did yesterday –maybe even a little better now!  You have freedom to move forward because you will thrive even more when you can stand back to back with your spouse and conquer the trials of life!! A healthy partnership is a powerful thing and it’s not taken down easily!

When you look at Ati and Matt’s beautiful photos, pay attention to how they NEVER stop smiling!! Even in the completely candid photos, they’re just beaming! Holy cow, Ati is gorgeous and judging by the way Matt looks at her, he knows he’s a lucky man.  Her heart is absolutely radiant with joyful excitement to be loved by him! They know what they’re celebrating! If this stormy Tybee Island wedding day reveals anything about their love, it’s that it does not change according to circumstance!

“If this stormy Tybee Island wedding day reveals anything about their love, it’s that it does not change according to circumstance.”

Bring on the trials, the masks, and the micro-weddings! Bring on the fights and storms, both personal and world-wide– because nothing can put a stop to the good that LOVE does in our LIVES.

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Vendor Love

Venue | Beachview Inn & Spa, Tybee Island, GA

Florist | Kato Floral Designs

Make Up Artist | Beyond Beautiful by Heather