Seth & Taylor | Uptown Charlotte, NC Engagement Session

These two! Holy smokes! They were straight up on fire during our shoot! Their love is insane! Taylor and Seth have very quickly become great friends of ours! So much so that we are going to visit them when they move to St. Louis!

We actually have learned a lot from our friendship with them already! When we went out to eat with them after their engagement shoot, Seth and I (Bryson) hit it off and had some really great conversations! One thing that stuck with me though is when he talked with us about the love that he and Taylor have! He explained his life as being filled with joy and happiness because he has her and doesn’t need to pursue money or anything! He’s completely content and has no pursuit of riches or fame. He does only the things that he loves and spends time doing what he loves with who he loves, and that’s something I respect! Seth is a lucky dude too, because Taylor literally throws on the heart eyes every time she sees her man! She likes her tatted man that’s for sure! These two are in for an amazing life with lots of fun! So glad we met you two on the gram!