Nick & Tiffany | Greenhouse & Uptown Charlotte, NC Engagement Session

Sooooo…these two are amazing! We have been wanting to shoot inside of a greenhouse for so long! Especially myself (Kelly)! I just think they are so beautiful! We actually learned some new things while about greenhouses during this shoot. Apparently every single room that they have in a greenhouse has a different climate from the others. They have misters that are set on timers to adjust humidity levels and all kinds of other cool stuff!

Back to the two below! Their names are Nick and Tiffany. They met through Nick’s sister while she and his now soon to be wife were working together! Tiffany is a flight attendant who travels the states and other countries, and visits her man when she’s home in Kentucky! They came back to Charlotte for the engagement shoot with us and to see her family and then they get married in just a few short months in the beautiful mountains of NC! Bryson and I can not wait for their wedding to capture more of their love with our cameras!