Champagne Manor Engagement Session

In our industry we see a lot of couples from all walks of life, and one thing we’ve noticed as common among the happiest and most secure relationships is genuine respect and admiration. When love and respect go hand in hand these duos are unstoppable! Christina and Nick are two people who we could quickly see adored, admired and respected one another. Needless to say, when we had the privilege of shooting their luxury engagement session at their wedding venue, the beautiful Champagne Manor, they lit up our lenses with their fireworks.

Christina and Nick have been together for four years and during that time they have learned to love and cherish each other’s souls and support one another. In the security of their love, they’ve both been able to thrive as individuals!

And just look at that red dress! Holy cow. Mix their top notch style with the stunning backdrops of Champagne Manor, and you’d think you stepped into a music video! They look like Hollywood royalty.

Of course, during this immaculate engagement session at the manor, we got to capture all the sweet and sultry vibes between these two. Support? Check! Admiration? Check! Insane chemistry? Double check!!

When you’re with the right person, they should make it their priority to empower you, lift you up, and tell the whole world how wonderful you are. Let’s be real, when you’re in love, it’s almost difficult not to!

It’s an absolute privilege when we get to see people who support one another the way that Christina and Nick do, and we love to celebrate it!