Open Air Providence Cotton Mill COVID Wedding

Butterflies were everywhere. 

I’m not kidding. Not even in a cute ‘the bride had butterflies’ kind of way, but actual butterflies were flitting all around the bride and groom and their guests. This open air wedding at Providence Cotton Mill was as magical as it was epic. In the contrast of the subtle, but beautiful, winged monarchs and the heavy mess of COVID, we found an idyllic wedding day where people were together, smiling, laughing and dancing and feeling absolutely safe. 

I hardly have to reach for the poetry in that because it’s so obvious! 

Katellyn and Corey are two people who truly  know how to have fun and enjoy their lives. Nothing could’ve been proven more true on their wedding day. We’ve had the privilege of getting to know them through a Forever Session at Jetton Park and Bridal Portraits at Duke Mansion. we can easily see that these two are made for each other!! Perfectly balanced in their personalities, they are like two puzzle pieces that fit just right, or may we say, the two wings in the back of a butterfly?

Now down to the dets, The Providence Cotton Mill is the perfect venue for an open air wedding during COVID! The tall open windows and the massive indoor and outdoor space makes it super easy to social distance and still enjoy the time together. All while having the absolutely perfect old-world industrial backdrop. And our hats are off to our friend, Sarah at Sarah Duckworth Events, who truly made the event sparkle!

It’s the Simple Things that Teach Us the Complicated Things

Maya Angelou once said, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Did you know that in order to be strong enough to fly, the butterfly has to beat its wings against the walls of its chrysalis? It’s uncomfortable, but when it’s out, it flies with it’s perfectly strong and balanced wings. We won’t pretend to know everything Katellyn and Corey have gone through to get here, but we know it’s a beautiful thing to watch them together. It’s good to see they are among the couples who were strong enough to push against the walls of their figurative obstacles. They’ve come out even stronger, better balanced and thriving in the world where others fall. 

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Vendor Love

Venue | Providence Cotton Mill

Planner | Sarah Duckworth Events

Hair & Makeup | Kristen Holder

Flowers | Harrisburg Florist Inc

DJ | Zac at ATG Entertainment

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