Moving Mountains Across America | The Great Sand Dunes Colorado, USA

The first two days of our 28 day road trip were absolutely amazing! We trekked almost 2000 miles in 26 hours from Charlotte all the way to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. We stopped in the middle of nowhere Texas, got some great drone footage, and enjoyed the wide open and empty road. When we finally made it to Colorado, we crossed a freezing cold river in bare feet and hiked into 400+ foot sand dunes. We went sand boarding and wiped out a few times. If you saw our instagram stories, the wind was absolutely crazy blowing at 30-40 miles per hour! Bryson even lost his hat, and then of course retrieved it. We STILL have sand everywhere from that day!

That evening, we hiked about a mile uphill into the forest and set up tents that overlooked the sand dunes. We didn’t know we would have to sleep in 30 degree weather on our first night, but hey, this is an adventure, isn’t it?! Headed to the Arches National Park in Utah next! Stay tuned for videos and behind the scenes footage of our many locations during our 28 day road trip across America!