Rachel & Jonathan | Romantic Separk Mansion Wedding Charlotte, NC

This wedding is incredibly special to us, because it marks a change in the way we shoot and the way we started running our company! Rachel and Jonathan had an amazing wedding back in December that we had the privilege of shooting as our first wedding with  a passion for print! What that means is that it was the first wedding we ever shot with the mentality that we were shooting to create a story that would be a new family’s first heirloom!

Their wedding was shot with a new perspective, it was all about them that day! From their wedding forward we have stopped shooting for ourselves and started shooting for our clients! The epic images are great, but the clients care more about the moments that we capture that embody who they are as people and tell their love story in the photo. They are interested in seeing images that evoke emotion and tell how their day felt like to be there. Their wedding was shot from the viewpoint that we were guests at their wedding!

We couldn’t be more thankful for this mentality shift that was gifted to us by friends in the industry! It has allowed us to have so much more joy and purpose in what we do. We are actually changing people’s lives now, and I believe we are saving marriages too! Crazy thing is, we are rewarded for serving our clients! They purchased a 100 page album, decked out to the top to confirm that what we are doing matters to them and all of our other clients! Thank you Rachel and J for letting us take part in your big day! It’ll be one we always remember!