Josh & Taylor | In- Home Anniversary Session Kannapolis, NC

Happy Anniversary to Josh & Taylor! We celebrated their first year as a married couple in their first home by documenting where they love to be most, together. Taylor and I (Kelly this time) have been friends for 4 years now, from having mutual friends to roommates, to starting our own businesses and now a lifelong friendship! She is by far one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Josh and Bryson have become good friends too, which it always fun! I know any of you who are married or dating know how great it is to find couples that you both get along with. We love championing on those around us who are married, and these two will forever be close friends of ours! We loved capturing their intimate connection while cracking lots of jokes along the way. Oh, and their dog is the cutest labradoodle on the face of the planet! Take a look.