Stacey Bridal Portraits | Providence Cotton Mill Maiden, NC

We have been waiting what seems like forever to post these beautiful Bridal portraits! Stacey was stunning on her big day and was amazing to photograph bridals for! Not to mention that she chose to shoot at Providence Cotton Mill, which is stunning as well! We can’t wait of the weddings that we have there next year!

Stacey has become a great friend of ours through the process of being her wedding photographers. She has been the easiest bride on the face of the planet to work with! Literally has no expectations of what photos will look like besides “Do what you guys want, I know it’ll look great”! We love when our girls say that, and luckily, we have a ton that do because they know that is what leads to the best images. You would not believe how calm and collected this girl was on her wedding day! She was too busy being excited to marry her best friend to stress! True story…on her wedding day, things were running late and her girls had just finished getting ready about 30 mins before the wedding, but she still wanted great photos of her and her girls. We knew the light was best out where all of her guests were and so she headed straight for it not caring about the formalities of wedding day. Stacey was just waving at all of her guests while she took photos with her girls! Can’t ask for a cooler bride than that!