Kelsey & Zack | Downtown Raleigh & JC Arboretum Engagement

We went all the way to Raleigh for these two and it was so worth it! It was actually Bryson’s first time ever going to Raleigh which was pretty fun for us! We explored downtown where there was beautiful light and cute cobblestone streets! We even went to one of their favorite restaurants in town (Brewery Bhavana) and found some nooks there! We have never seen a restaurant with a library, greenhouse, distillery, and bar! Insane! We headed from there over to the NC State Gardens which were beautiful and had so many different looks! I love plants, and when there’s good light too, thats my kinda place. Literally told Bryson I wanted to sneak in and camp out in the gardens lol! Take a look and enjoy the view, because these two were amazing!!! Wishing you a happy engagement and marriage Kelsey and Zack! Wish we could capture your big day too, but glad we got to take these for you!