Jordan & Tiffany | Boone, NC Cozy Mountain Top Session

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About the Couple

Meet Jordan & Tiffany, a North Carolina native and a sweetheart from Kalamazoo, Michigan. They met in 2013, not long after Tiffany moved to NC. They love road trips, hiking in the mountains together and getting to experience the breathtaking views God created. So where better to travel then to the mountains for their engagement session? Maybe next time we will check it off your bucket list and go to Europe to experience its beauty and history.

Greatest Adventure together?

We went to Washington with Jordan’s family for two weeks right after we got engaged. We went hiking almost every day, for hours, and got to go in caves and see lava formations…it was definitely the best trip we’ve ever taken together!

What have you learned about love since you’ve been together?

Tiffany: Love accepts flaws. We each have little quirks that we don’t necessarily love about ourselves. We see ourselves as flawed. But Jordan has taught me that these “imperfections” are actually what make me perfect for him. 
Jordan: Love adapts. One day it may be a shoulder to cry on while the next day it’s a sore jaw from laughing too hard. Love fills in where it’s needed. Its a selfless passion that can be used in both good times and bad. 


We started our session in the cutest little town of Blowing Rock, NC. This is hands down our favorite main street in the mountains so far. We ate a great lunch and watched the Panthers football game together.


They cozied up near the Modern Quilt Shop and then we made our way to a nearby park. It was seriously such a beautiful day, everyone was out and about soaking up the sunshine.

Before stopping at our favorite photo spot, we walked through the busy street. The aroma of Kilwin’s fudge and waffle cones filled our senses. I think thats the real reason we love going here so much 😉

We are so thankful that they are willing to be adventurous and try new things—like run in the road through traffic! Ahh, now to our favorite nook in the town!





This is where we first ran into the hard part about the height difference between the two. It was no easy task posing this two blondies. BUT, on a positive note, this ivy wall had us swooning. It was most perfect little alley we’ve ever seen.


On to our next adventure, the one we were all anxious for. We made our way to the Beacon Heights overlook trail. A really easy hike to the most gorgeous views during the fall season.


We seriously felt like we were in an enchanted forest. The trees just twirled around them. We knew they were in their happy place but they had no idea where it led them.

We found the coolest rock cave and had to stop for a minute. Bryson let out his inner Tarzan, scaled the rocks and got creative from up above.

25-2We come around one little corner and see this! The mountains went on and on.


You would have never known, but there were couples everywhere on this over look. Enjoying the view and spending time with each other. I think we gave them a show that day!



We could have spent hours on this mountaintop. Oh wait, we did. So we let them spend some quality time together for a moment to soak in the views.



That ring though! It is so simple and beautiful. A lot like their love for each other. Genuine, christ-like love.

Before it got dark, they wanted to have a little picnic and get comfy with each other in the leaves. This was a time FULL of laughs. Jordan trying to throw the leaves had us rolling.

The temperature cools down as the sun goes down in the mountains. The sun was like gold, reflecting off the colors of fall from the trees. We just didn’t want to leave and neither did they. We were okay with that because we got to capture these two gorgeous shots.




We stayed until dark. We laughed a lot and were thankful for an earth so beautifully created by God. We learned from this couple that love doesn’t have to be showy, that it can be simple and still beautiful. We learned you don’t have to be perfect people to enjoy the full of love that God has for us.


Thank you, Jordan and Tiffany for a wonderful and adventurous day. We enjoyed every second of it and are so happy we could get to know you more and the love you share with one another.