Michael & Mary Hannah | College of Charleston, SC

So we figured since we are on Kiawah Island, right of the coast of Charleston, it would only be right to post a blog about the most amazing shoot in Charleston! We have become great friends with Michael and Mary Hannah! Seriously their love is so sweet! They met through friends at the College of Charleston and said from the day they met that they knew they wanted to spend their whole life together! Many people may think that is crazy, but since that is the same thing that happened to myself and Kelly, we immediately had that connection with them!

When we came down to Charleston for the shoot we did to expect to make great friends, but we did and we are so thankful for them! Also, we weren’t expecting them two get engaged just a few weeks after our shoot, but that happened too! Needless to say, this will not be the last time we are in Charleston getting these two in front of our cameras!

Enjoy the view of Charleston as you scroll through our journey with them from the college where they met to the sunset on the Harbor!