Cameron & Sean | Forever Session

A Moving Mountains Forever Session is quite the experience! By getting to know what Cameron loves about Sean, vice versa, and why they decided to spend the rest of their lives together is so important to that experience. We learned that Cameron loves how supportive Sean is. His ability to calm her just by listening and holding her means so much! She realized that with him everything is going to be alright. What a special thing she has found in him! As for Sean, it means everything to him that Cameron always has his back! He loves that they can support each other and he can’t wait to build a happy home with her. OH MY GOSH, they are so sweet, right?!

Can’t you see in these photos how much he supports her and how much joy they have when they are together? It’s all about capturing those things for them and building artwork of those photographs that mean so much! That way, when they display them in their new happy home, they will remember why they are together and never forget it.

Cameron and Sean have a very special relationship. We knew it had to be captured so they could be connected closer and celebrated for generations to come! Makes you want to book a Forever Session, doesn’t it?