Brighid & Anand | Citadel Beach Club Wedding Charleston, SC

Talk about an INCREDIBLE day! Brighid & Anand are two of the coolest and most relaxed people we have ever met! A day of cutting up, laughter, and joy are the best way we can describe their wedding day! The guests were over the moon excited for this couple and they celebrated HARD! Thanks to planner Linda Warner from DJ Mikey Lee from Trust Pinnacle, it was one of the best celebrations we’ve ever been to! Take a look and you’ll see what we mean 😉 Can we do it again?!

Vendor Love:

Venue: Citadel Beach Club

Planner: Linda Warner from Trust Pinnacle

Hair & Makeup: Pinky & Kim from Vanity Salon

Florist: Sarah Johnston from Pretty Petals of Charleston

DJ: Mikey Lee from Trust Pinnacle