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Hanna & Zac | Winter Wedding at Summerfield Farms

Now Hanna and Zac have a special bond. Zac’s support for Hanna goes beyond human nature. They decided together that no matter what they would be “like glue.” And this is a quality they both love most about each other. It’s incredible they found exactly what they were looking for in a spouse. She loves that he is strong willed and determined to accomplish any goals he sets for himself. He has a servants heart and is always ready with flowers if they have an argument. Zac loves that Hanna is selfless, caring, and tender hearted. She would sacrifice anything for the good of their relationship. With a big change right after the wedding of moving to Colorado, these two packed their bags and started a new life in a completely new place. Although it was a hard decision to make, they did it together and knew it was going to be a good one because they had each other to lean on. As you will notice a few photos down, there are two photos, one of each person looking straight into the camera. Now, these are personal photos and the meaning of them will stay between the couple, but if you look into their eyes, you’ll be able to see how much love they have for each other. And THAT is what the most important thing is on wedding day.

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