Ashley & Andy | Atlanta Forever Session

We had so much fun shooting this forever session of Ashley & Andy! They are so sweet and their relationship is just so special! Ashley is the sweetest and really cherish’s Andy. She is passionate and loving, and gives her all to him. Andy says that Ashley is amazing at giving 100% of herself at anything she does, including him! Andy is always putting her first and wanting what is best for her. They are inseparable and even have the bracelets, that they made together, to prove it. As they lived in seperate states for a short while, they both decided to get bracelets to always remind each other, that no matter how far away they are,  they will always be there for one another. We really enjoyed the both of them. As you can tell in the photos, their connection really means ‘forever’. We are so excited and can’t wait for them to tie the knot in August!