Amani & Delton | Classy Uptown Charlotte Engagement

We keep it 100 around here! These are our our first African-American clients, and we are so pumped that they trusted us and chose to work with us! It has been unique and a different experience than working with ay of our other clients. It’s not just because they have different skin complexion, but it’s because there are different ways that we view things in cultures. It was so funny, because it goes down even to small things like the fact that we were stopped 10 times (way more than any other engagement session) in uptown while girls cheered on Amani (the bride to be) and complimented her. We have just realized that there are so many things that we can learn through this process and carry with us into our own lives. The thing is, we do this with every couple! We take away some of their core values that we love about them, and we try to implement them into our own lives so that we can become better people. Our hope is that we are doing the same with our clients! One of our newest passions with photography, is our ability to help girls with their confidence. The two of us have been given such a unique opportunity to build girls up and help them feel beautiful. Our job isn’t to make them feel flawless, it’s to make them look at themselves in a photo and be content. Kelly has been through all of this first hand, so she knows what it is like to look through a gallery of images and have some she doesn’t like. It isn’t because she didn’t like the photo itself, it’s because she didn’t like the way she saw herself in the photo. That’s why we have begun to build girls up, show them the backs of our cameras, tell them how amazing they look, and tear down any lie that says they don’t look good. This is so much fun for us, and brings us so much joy as believers, because we are able to start calling out the lies of the enemy that are being spoken over all the women in our society. This was a long read, hopefully you made it through! Now enjoy looking at Amani and Delton being fancy in Uptown!