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Ok, so our real names are Bryson & Kelly. You can find us at a local coffee shop planning our next adventure to change the world one chai tea latte at a time. We are both wild at heart dreamers with a passion for love and spreading our faith. God put us together for a purpose and you better believe it, we are going to Move Mountains! 


Hey, I'm Kelly.

I am a dreamer with a huge heart for love and relationship. My testimony is that I am a daughter of a King that brought beauty from ashes. How special I feel that my creator would love me enough to take my wildest dream of being a photographer and turn it into a reality. I love that he has placed a passion in my heart to travel the world, see the mountains, and shine his light to everyone I meet. He has taught me that no dream is too small or too foolish to chase after. He places dreams in our hearts so we go grab them and then he blesses them beyond anything we could have achieved by ourselves. My one goal in life is to be Christ-like in every thought, action and word. He has called us to a life that stands out. We will not be shaken because we have faith that can move mountains.   

What's up everybody!

My name is Bryson, but I like to think I am Tarzan. I love adventure, that is a big part of what I believe drew me to Kelly. I see the dreamer inside of her, pull it out of her, and push her past what she thinks are her limits. There will never be a day that she comes to me with a dream that I don't think is acheivable. Psalms 37:4 says that God gives us the desires of our heart. This means He placed those desires in Kelly's heart so that she will go get them, with Him by her side. I am wild at heart, a man about God's business, and a straight up goofball. I picked up a camera one day, because God made me curious. Now, I push myself to become an amazing photographer so that I can bless people with my talents, glorify my Father, and capture others love with my bestfriend.